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         September 17th, 2016

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​        How to Remember, Integrate, and


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John Pellegrino

Dream Full Circle

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​​​​​​John has studied his dreams for over 40 years.  Exploring different facets of dreams, John has been able to integrate the dream knowledge gained, into his daily life.  The insights realized from his dreams, have guided him in life decisions on a regular basis.

"I view dreams, as one the best guides in managing the human condition. I also believe there is nothing closer to our heart and mind, that can guide us on our path to fulfillment."

Through maintaining a dream journal, John has documented experiences that have offered deep and soulful direction.  He has recorded fascinating dreams that have guided him through future events. It is not uncommon for John's dreams to include conversations with deceased loved ones-- providing meaningful understanding of past relationships and events yet to come.

John loves sharing his knowledge with others seeking answers, so that they too can gain power and insight as to how their dreams influence their own daily decisions.

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