​​Architects of Change Connie Whitman & John Pellegrino II

​Second Interview exploring waking dreams, the censor, out of body experiences and more.

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Architects of Change Radio Show with ​Connie Whitman & John Pellegrino

What are Dreams ?

Above: Photo of Cypress Tree Referenced in Dream Interview II


Are your dreams vivid or vague?  Do you remember the details or just a feeling that sticks with you from the dream when you wake up?

We’ve heard that everyone dreams – is that true?  And would remembering a dream, be of interest to the awake you?

Today, your host Connie Whitman, will speak with John Pellegrino, who is gifted in the interpretation of dreams, is going to share his insight to the magical experience of dreaming and help us decode some messages in our dreams.

Defining what Dreams mean can vary with individuals, because we all have a unique reference point.  Perspectives are influenced by background, culture, environment, desires, weaknesses, strengths, and context. John subscribes to the thought that the only one, who may have the best insight for interpretation, is you.  It’s your dream.

Put on your nightcaps but don’t go to sleep as we explore this intriguing subconscious conversation with ourselves

Tips to Remember Your Dreams

 One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, is direct guidance in managing the human condition.  Dreams are an aspect of this guidance.

It’s intimate and loyal to your specific heart’s desire. How exciting to access this teaching, your own personal teaching.

There are several methods to position your awareness to recall your dreams.  Gradually, effortlessly it will get easier and easier. Creating a healthy sleep environment will accelerate the process. This means minimal sleep distractions.

Your attention is the power behind the process. Place your attention on seeing a new location, an old friend, a dream vacation, a dream home. By placing your attention on these things, it sends a message to the sub-conscious through auto suggestion that you want to open up this path to guidance. The sub-conscious self, will, over time, honor your request and fulfill your wish.

Keeping a dream journal is an excellent tool to help with recall.  Write anything down you can remember. This will build mental muscle to seek out the images and conversations you’ve had in a dream. It doesn’t matter if you remember one dream a month or 6 months. The process of you writing details down strengthens your acuity for observation and recollection. Before you know it, you will be remembering one a week easily. As much as possible, have fun with the intuitive contact you will be gifted.

It is very helpful is to find someone that you can share your experiences. The dialogue and vocabulary of dreams keeps your attention locked in, on what it looked like, what it felt like. More attention yields more recollection. Listen to others' dreams. Constantly strive to help interpret and perceive the meaning of dreams along with others. Building that muscle again and again. Before you know it, a small community of dreamers will be in your circle. Sharing dreams dramatically improves recall and can be great fun.  Sometimes when someone helps interpret one of my dreams, I find it comical because it’s usually something so obvious, and I missed it.

When you are ready to sleep, put yourself in a good mood.  Think of something funny or a wonderful accomplishment for the day. Think of your favorite childhood memory.  Feel what that felt like and bathe in that scenario.  Think how grateful you are, for all the love you have in your life. 

I will usually think about my best windsurfing session with friends or backpacking through the Alps. Another favorite is the look on my brother’s face for his surprise birthday party.  Anything that will make you laugh or feel good will do the trick.

Allow yourself time to ease into recognizing your dreams. It will happen and when it does, you will be enjoying a connection beyond your wildest dreams!

*Excerpt from “Dream Integration” by John Pellegrino 2016